CMS and WordPress – Working with WordPress

Firstly you need to download and install WordPress using Dreamweaver. Then publish it to your web hosting account. Create a subfolder if you wish to avvoid conflicts with previous websites. After all the “admin” is complete, you can start having some fun. Choose and download a theme that best suits you and install it. Then […]

Packaging design – Packaging

Using the logo and the brochure you designed, think about your brand and design packaging for your product.  Do your design according to the following steps: Exploration Use sketching techniques to draw thumbnails and hand in your thumbnails as scanned PDFs. skisser emballasje Brand integration Choose one of your thumbnails and refine your design. Place […]

Visual language – Illustration, Infographic and Brochure

Use the logo you created and design a brochure for your product. You may use any format you like, just make sure that the format is in line with and adds to your logo design. As a guideline, consider a brochure of A4 (lying), folding to A5 (standing). Your brochure must contain an illustration. This […]